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Q&A with Mr Lloyd Williams about bunions and minimally invasive foot surgery

BOOST PHYSIO were delighted to recently host Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Lloyd Williams. He gave a fantastic presentation on minimally invasive foot surgery.


Mr Lloyd Williams is a local consultant with clinics in Highgate, Golders Green and central London. He specialises in foot and ankle disorders.

You can view Mr Lloyd Williams profile here

Laura Harman, senior BOOST PHYSIO interviews Mr Lloyd Williams and asks him about bunions and minimally invasive foot surgery.

Q: What is minimally invasive foot surgery and what are the benefits of it?

Mr Lloyd Williams: Minimally invasive foot surgery is a relatively new modification of a variety of established surgical operations for a number of common foot conditions carriedout by a small number of elite foot and ankle surgeons in the UK. Principally, the surgery performs osteotomies to remove bony prominences through minute incisions under X-ray control. The benefits of this technique include decreased soft tissue injury and decreased post operative pain, swelling and bruising leading to a faster recovery time.

Q: Bunions are very common amongst our population. Can minimally invasive surgery be used to treat them?

Mr Lloyd Williams: Yes bunions or hallux valgus is example of a condition that can be treated with minimally invasive foot surgery. Bunions can often be painful and surgery can relieve pain so that normal activities can be resumed. Studies have found that 85-90% of patients are satisfied with the results.

Q: Whilst physiotherapy cannot correct bunion deformity, can it be useful in symptom relief?

Mr Lloyd Williams: Treatment can be conservative using orthoses, pain killers and physiotherapy to assist with pain and the related muscle imbalances. However, physiotherapy will not correct the deformity but can help with pain.

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