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3 months ago

Stress Fractures?

Posted by Steven Berkman

Stress Fractures- what type of blood tests might be done to look at underlying causes?
Stress fractures commonly occur in the foot, leg, hip, pelvis and spine. Stress fractures can generally be divided into 2 types:
In this video we ask Dr Richard Seah, Consultant Sports and Exercise Medicine, which blood tests might be done for a patient with a stress fracture.

Stress Fractures- which blood tests should be considered
More About Dr Richard Seah Here
We Love Helping Runners

As a London Marathon Injury Clinic we love helping runners achieve their running goals and dreams. If you know a runner needing injury advice, treatment or assistance- we would be delighted to help them.

How To Prevent Running Injuries

5 months ago

How Do Physios Help Shoulder Pain?

Posted by Steven Berkman

This article explains how physiotherapists help shoulder pain and some of the techniques we use to help shoulder problems.

“Use it or  lose it!”  In this video are 4 simple exercises that you can do at home to ensure your shoulder health is at its peak!

Having a joint that is not only flexible, but mobile and strong through its full range of movement is key to prolonged joint health. We often find that injury occurs at the end of a joints range of motion but we rarely train or load our joints at these extremes.

6 months ago

How To Reduce Risk Of Falls By Up To 54%

Posted by Steven Berkman

Physiotherapy for fall prevention.

Ageing, a loss of mobility, a lack of confidence on your feet, poor balance and co-ordination can all increase the body’s frailty and bring a very real fear of falls and fractures.

11 months ago

Steps To Reduce Stress And Tension

Posted by Steven Berkman

Implement these 7 steps to reduce stress and tension. This will help to improve well-being, sleep and overall health.

1 year ago

How To Prevent Running Injuries

Posted by Steven Berkman

How To Prevent Running Injuries. We’ve put together this set of resources to help you prevent running injuries, by introducing strength training into your running programme. One of the major reasons that runners get injured is because their bodies are unprepared to handle the physical demands of the activity. Tissue overload then occurs, either because of a sudden introduction to the sport, or a relatively sudden change or increase in training mileage or intensity (like hill repeats).

1 year ago

6 Steps To Avoid Injury On The Slopes

Posted by Steven Berkman

Are you planning a trip to the slopes? Are you prepared? I am not referring to your purchase of the latest ‘look’ to cruise the slopes in style or sussing out the best Apres ski spots. I am referring to you – your body, is it prepared and ready to take on the physical demands of skiing or snowboarding to return home without a cast or crutches?

Our physiotherapists at BOOST PHYSIO want to share their snow sport advice guide.  Musculoskeletal injuries are common, in snow sports. When skiing you are at greater risk of sustaining an injury to your lower limb; most commonly knee injuries like tearing the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or sprains and tears to the collateral ligaments of the knee.