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BOOST Physiotherapists regularly write articles about injuries and conditions- we post these articles here.  You can search through our database of articles by using the search bar. Should you want to discuss your injury with one of our physiotherapists please call us on 020 82017788 for a chat about your problem.

4 Exercises To Prevent Sarcopenia

Posted by Steven Berkman

Resistance Exercise Program for Preventing Sarcopenia We’ve created this home exercise programme to help you prevent effects of age related muscle loss and sarcopenia. Frequency: Perform the following exercises 2-3 times per week, with at least one day of rest between sessions. Warm-Up: Start with a 5-10 minute warm-up of light cardio (e.g., brisk walking, cycling) to Read More

Why You Need To Know About Sarcopenia

Posted by Steven Berkman

What is Sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is a condition where people lose muscle mass and strength as they get older. This muscle loss can make everyday tasks, like lifting groceries, climbing stairs, or even walking, more difficult. After the age of 30, one can lease 3-8% of muscle mass each decade, after the age of 60 this Read More

Skills To Help Persistent Chronic Pain

Posted by Steven Berkman

Approximately 40% of the world population struggles with chronic pain. We’d love to share these 5 skills that can be used to help improve persistent pain. BOOST PHYSIO are experts at helping people recover from pain, injury or surgery.  We love helping people feel better and move better. We provide expert physiotherapy for muscle and joint Read More

We Love Helping Sports Injury Recovery

Posted by Steven Berkman

Boosting Recovery: How Physio Can Help After a Sports Injury Sports injuries can be a major setback, affecting not only physical abilities but also mental well-being. Expert sports physiotherapy is crucial for a speedy and effective recovery. Here’s how Boost Physio can help you get back on track after a sports injury: 1. Personalized Treatment Read More

How To Fix Common Golf Injuries

Posted by Steven Berkman

Want to know how to fix common golf injury problems? We have created this “Golf Injury Cheat Sheet” to help golfers and medical professionals identify and treat common causes of golf related injuries. Our expert physios love helping golfers recover from golf injuries and get back to playing golf. We diagnose and treat the specific Read More

What Is The Most Common Tennis Injury?

Posted by Steven Berkman

    We love helping tennis players recover from injury and get back onto the tennis court. Are you surprised to learn that ankle sprains are the most common tennis injury?        Ankle Sprain: The Most Common Tennis Injury Causes: Quick lateral movements, lunges, changes in direction, slippery surfaces, fatigue. Risk Factors: Previous Read More


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