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BOOST Physiotherapists regularly write articles about injuries and conditions- we post these articles here.  You can search through our database of articles by using the search bar. Should you want to discuss your injury with one of our physiotherapists please call us on 020 82017788 for a chat about your problem.

Why You Need Good Glutes

Posted by Steven Berkman

5 Reasons Why BOOST Physio Says You Need Strong Hip Abductors:

1. Stability: Strong hip abductor muscles are essential for stabilizing the pelvis during activities like walking, running, and standing, preventing pelvic drop and maintaining proper alignment.
2. Balance: Hip abductor strength contributes to maintaining balance and preventing falls, particularly when weight shifts to one side during movement.
3. Injury Prevention: Weak hip abductors increase the risk of various lower limb injuries, including hip, knee, and ankle issues, as well as compensatory injuries in other parts of the body.
4. Functional Movement: Adequate hip abductor strength supports smooth and efficient movement patterns, ensuring proper biomechanics during daily activities and sports.
5. Rehabilitation: Strengthening the hip abductors is crucial for rehabilitating conditions like Trendelenburg gait, as it helps restore normal gait patterns and prevents further complications or secondary injuries.

How To Prevent Golf Injuries

Posted by Steven Berkman

How to prevent and treat golf injuries. Many golfers injure their back causing low back pain. Our advice sheets and physios can help golfers manage and treat this problem.

How To Relieve Neck Pain

Posted by Steven Berkman

Do you struggle with a painful or stiff neck?
Do you want to know how to relieve neck tension?Why Do I Have A Stiff Neck When I Wake Up?

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Posted by Steven Berkman

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body. Unlike pain from a bruise or a sprain, fibromyalgia pain doesn’t originate from any visible injury or damage to the body. Instead, it’s believed to be related to changes in how the brain and spinal cord process pain signals from the nerves.

Stress Fractures?

Posted by Steven Berkman

Stress Fractures- what type of blood tests might be done to look at underlying causes?
Stress fractures commonly occur in the foot, leg, hip, pelvis and spine. Stress fractures can generally be divided into 2 types:
In this video we ask Dr Richard Seah, Consultant Sports and Exercise Medicine, which blood tests might be done for a patient with a stress fracture.

Stress Fractures- which blood tests should be considered
More About Dr Richard Seah Here
We Love Helping Runners

As a London Marathon Injury Clinic we love helping runners achieve their running goals and dreams. If you know a runner needing injury advice, treatment or assistance- we would be delighted to help them.

How To Prevent Running Injuries

Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Recovery!

Posted by Steven Berkman

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