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17 days ago

Skills To Help Persistent Chronic Pain

Posted by Steven Berkman

Approximately 40% of the world population struggles with chronic pain. We’d love to share these 5 skills that can be used to help improve persistent pain. BOOST PHYSIO are experts at helping people recover from pain, injury or surgery.  We love helping people feel better and move better. We provide expert physiotherapy for muscle and joint Read More

2 months ago

Prevent Swimming Injuries And Treat Them

Posted by Steven Berkman

Swimmer’s shoulder is a common condition among swimmers due to the repetitive movements and wide range of motion involved in swimming. The shoulder joint, resembling a golf ball on a tee, is prone to irritation or damage if not functioning optimally, exacerbated by poor posture and incorrect swimming techniques. Imbalance of muscles around the shoulder Read More

4 months ago

How To Relieve Neck Pain

Posted by Steven Berkman

Do you struggle with a painful or stiff neck?
Do you want to know how to relieve neck tension?Why Do I Have A Stiff Neck When I Wake Up?

8 months ago

How Do Physios Help Shoulder Pain?

Posted by Steven Berkman

This article explains how physiotherapists help shoulder pain and some of the techniques we use to help shoulder problems.

“Use it or  lose it!”  In this video are 4 simple exercises that you can do at home to ensure your shoulder health is at its peak!

Having a joint that is not only flexible, but mobile and strong through its full range of movement is key to prolonged joint health. We often find that injury occurs at the end of a joints range of motion but we rarely train or load our joints at these extremes.

9 months ago

James Ng- Senior Physiotherapist

Posted by Steven Berkman

Meet James Ng who loves helping patients recover from injuries or surgeries. James loves to use hands on treatments including acupuncture to help his patients recovery quickly.
James is a Senior Physiotherapist and helps patients in Elstree WD6 and Hendon NW4 branches of BOOST PHYSIO.

10 months ago

Which Conditions Can Shockwave Help Treat?

Posted by Steven Berkman

Which Conditions Can Shockwave Help Treat?
Just about anyone with soft tissue injuries or musculoskeletal pain syndromes may benefit from shockwave therapy. Shockwave Therapy is often referred to as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT). Shockwave treatment can help upper and lower limb tendon injuries, stress or overuse injuries, joint capsule problems, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and iliotibial band syndrome. The benefits of shockwave therapy are not limited to the list of common conditions described below.


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