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Gaitscan Gait Analysis- a picture tells a thousand words!

The average person takes over 8000 steps every day and the feet are a complex system of 52 bones, 66 joints, 214

Gaitscan computerised pressure plate and gait analysis system

ligaments and 38 muscles! The foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.8 of a second when walking and 0.25 of a second while running! That’s alot going on with each and every step!

When examining and assessing patients with foot, ankle and even knee pain looking at the mechanics of the feet is essential.  BOOST PHYSIO has invested in a GAITSCAN system to better enable us to examine our patients’ gait and walking.

The GAITSCAN system is a sophisiticated pressure plate with over 4000 sensors that is connected to a computer system.  When we perform a GAITSCAN gait analysis our patient walks over the pressure plate which takes over 300 readings every second and feeds this to our computer system generating a very detailed report.  The report shows us and our patient where most pressure is occuring under their feet, if the foot alignment is correct, we can even look  the pressure under each of the toes!

If you are having persistent foot, ankle or even knee pain GAITSCAN analysis will help your physiotherapist to identify the role of faulty mechanics in your feet and ankles.  This can be addressed in a number of ways- often corrective remedial exercises will be prescribed for you.  Call us to book a GAITSCAN appointment now on 020 82017788.  As this is a physiotherapy assessment it is fully covered by most health insurance policies.

In certain cases your physiotherapist will recommend a pair of orthotics (inner-soles) to assist in treating your problem, to improve the foot mechanics and to relieve the pain.

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