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6 weeks to London Marathon- 6 tips

London Marathon 2012 Injury Clinic

BOOST PHYSIO is a recognised London Marathon 2012 Injury Clinic

Your preparation for the London Marathon 2012 is now reaching a critical stage with 6 weeks to go!

Here follows our 6 tops tips for coping with the coming weeks.

  1. Don’t try anything new!  What you have done so far is hopefully working for you, so don’t change it.  Don’t start a new training method, don’t start adding hill sprint repeats to your workout if you aren’t doing them already.
  2. Allow yourself more recovery time.  Consider skipping one of your mid-week runs, to give your body time to cope with your long runs.  A 20mile training run can take your body 1-2 weeks to recover from.  At this stage the long runs are more important than your mid-week training runs of 5-10miles, so sacrifice one of these runs to boost your recovery.
  3. Enjoy your training. You are almost there. Enjoying your running helps to increase the flow of endorphins (those feel good hormones that give you the high). However run while you are stressed increases cortisol (stress hormones) levels which slow down recovery.
  4. Have a sports massage.  Good deep tissue sports massage speeds up muscle recovery, irons out those tight muscles and prevents overuse injury.  View this as an essential part of your preparation, rather than a treat.
  5. Avoid injury. A twisted ankle at this stage could put you out of the marathon all together, so try to avoid those silly injuries.
  6. Avoid infection. Two weeks getting over a cold will dent your preparation.

Last words of advice, at this stage you should be able to complete a 16mile run comfortably. If you are not yet up to this level of mileage your training is lagging behind.  Don’t try and catch up for lost miles, this is a recipe for injury.

BOOST PHYSIO is a recognised London Marathon 2012 Injury Clinic. If you have any injury concerns or need sports massage please call us to arrange an appointment.  BOOST PHYSIO is a private physiotherapy clinic based in Hendon, North West London.  Call us on 020 82017788.

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