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"Running Shoes 101"- by Laura Harman

Laura’s top tips for choosing appropriate running shoes was recently featured on the PSYCLE Spinning community website.  In the article Laura is asked about a physiotherapist’s insight into choosing the best running shoes.

Physio running shoe advice london


Here is the extract from the PSYCLE article… see the full article here.

A good starting point is to figure out what shape your foot is. Laura explains that feet fall into one of three categories, flat (pronation), neutral or high arches (supination). And easy way to find out which category you’re in is the wet foot test. Simply wet your foot and have a look at the shape of your footprint. Having this information is important but, remember, this is only the first step in choosing the right shoe. 

The next step is to have a dynamic assessment where a trained professional analyses both your foot and the rest of your body for idiosyncrasies as you run. If you want to really be sure you are choosing the right shoe, a biometrics assessment by a physiotherapist is useful. All in all, choosing the correct shoe is a complex process and the more professional help you can enlist the better.

Another thing to consider is your terrain. Are you a treadmill runner or do you prefer to pound the pavement? The short of it is that generally you can wear any shoe for either but, if you want to get into the nitty gritty, you can get away with a lighter shoe on a treadmill due to the shock absorbing effect and softer landing. Similarly, sprints and HIIT exercises benefit from a lighter, more flexible shoe whereas, for longer distance running, it’s best to have a more heavily cushioned, structured shoe. Laura recommends steering away from having two drastically different shoes as this could potentially cause injury due to an inconsistent load on the soft tissues. However, some specialists recommend using different shoes to prevent overuse injuries.


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