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How we got this 87 year old back to tennis twice a week

“It has been extremely rewarding getting Dr Maxwell (87 years old) back to playing tennis twice a week, after 5 sessions of physio” says the team at BOOST PHYSIO.

Dr Maxwell is a regular at her local tennis club, playing doubles twice a week. Dr Maxwell, a retired Doctor,  had a sudden flair up  of hip and knee joint pain in February 2016, after a longer session of tennis.  The pain was so great it caused Dr Maxwell to have to walk with 2 sticks and caused her immense pain and difficulty walking.

After 5 visits at BOOST PHYSIO, we were able to get Dr Maxwell back onto the tennis court!

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BOOST PHYSIO asks Dr Maxwell what the secret to her longevity is:

1) BOOST PHYSIO: Playing tennis twice a week in your 80s- what’s the secret?

Dr Maxwell: I have played tennis since I was at school and am determined to continue as long as possible.  I love the game. My running is limited now but I can still control the ball quite well and I have very tolerant partners. At 87 I still get an enormous amount of pleasure from playing, both physical and social. I hope my partners feels the same!

2) BOOST PHYSIO: People with osteoarthritis are often afraid that sport and exercise will wear out their joints more quickly and worsen their condition. What is your experience in this regard?

Dr Maxwell: I believe regular exercise without too much strain can only be beneficial.

3) BOOST PHYSIO:  What do you do when you do have an injury, to help you get back onto the tennis court?

Dr Maxwell: I seek professional advice and as soon as I am fairly pain free and sometimes even before, I re-start specific exercises and general exercise.  I also find ultrasound treatment can be very helpful.

4) BOOST PHYSIO: How important have the rehab exercises prescribed by physios been in your various injuries?

Dr Maxwell: The rehab from physio as been an enormous help. In particular dealing with a torn achilles tendon and a dodgy knee. I try to do a  programme of general exercise (about 10-15min) every day and a specific one for tennis before I play.


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