Lethargic and sluggish in the morning? How a Sober Rave can help

I was up super early at 6am on a hot Wednesday morning getting ready to try out this early morning sober rave I had heard good things about. I went with a friend off to the Oval Space in East London, excited and nervous at the same time.


Jolene at a “Sober Rave”- great workout!

 We got out the train station and followed the people in neon sparkly clothes to find our destination. We were greeted with smiles and our faces painted with glitter. What we found as we walked up the steps was a massive dance floor filled with happy people, a stage filled with colourful dancers, an energetic DJ and a banging dancing floor. Let me remind you, this was now 8am.

What ensued was 3 hours of dancing like no one was watching and feeling more alive than ever before. Everyone was fuelled by smoothies, coffee, good energy and a communal desire to be healthy and happy. If you needed a break there were yoga sessions and chilling areas outside. I left the venue feeling like I had had the best work out of my life and went to work (after a good shower) at BOOST PHYSIO filled with energy that lasted for days.

Jolene dancing away at the "Sober Rave"

Jolene dancing away at the “Sober Rave”

This amazing event is called Morning Gloryville

(http://morninggloryville.com/). It was set up for people who enjoy dancing and clubbing but don’t want to stay up all night anymore. It’s meant to promote a sober, exercise infused, happy and positive lifestyle.

My overall impression as a physiotherapist was that this was a brilliant way to BOOST some exercise into your life and have a lot of fun doing so. I am definitely going to be there next time. The question is, will you be there with me?



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