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Why these shoes are so bad for you

Did you know that flat shoes such as ballet pumps can be very bad for you?  You may have thought that completely flat shoes are good for you.  In fact this is not the case and shoes that have no heel, that are completely flat and that have no support around the arch can be very problematic.

Flat shoes like these can be very bad for you!

Very flat shoes with no support and no heel often lead to conditions such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.

If you are reading this blog it is a safe assumption that you wear shoes.  In fact you may have probably been wearing shoes since being a 1 year old.  We wear shoes to protect our feet from thorns, stones, glass, hot pavements or cold snow.  We as shoe wearing people have become adapted to wearing shoes.

Our feet, ankle and even knees have become used to the support that the bones and joints of the feet and ankles receive from our shoes.  So to spend long periods of time wearing shoes that offer little or no support to the feet and ankles is a recipe for trouble.

Completely flat sandals with no support nor cushioning can be problematic

Here are 4 tips to chosing the best shoes for your feet.

  1. Limit wearing completely flat shoes to short periods of time only (2 hours at a time).
  2. Wear shoes that have a slight heel.
  3. Choose shoes that have a degree of cushioning and shock absorbtion built in.
  4. The inside of the shoe should offer some contour support around the heel and arch of the foot.

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