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Ugg foot patient

I found out today that one of the people we are rehabilitating following her ankle and foot surgery diagnosed her problem from reading my article on UGG foot in our newsletter.

If you don’t know what UGG foot is, I’ll fill you in quickly. Ugg type boots may look very comfy and cosy and good for you, but they don’t support your feet. If you have dropped arches, pronate (that’s when your foot rolls inwards while walking) or very flat footed- wearing ugg type boots for long periods can be very painful and harmful for your feet and ankles. As our patient discovered…

She lives in her Uggs and in flat flip flop sandals. As her foot and ankle pain developed she thought she ought to wear her Uggs more, because she thought they were so good for you. Wrong- they were a big part of her problem.

She finally saw my article after months of trouble- diagnosed herself- but it was too late. She has had to have an operation to repair the tibialis posterior tendon in her foot and ankle because it had been over stretched and torn. A problem that would have been prevented if she’d been wearing better shoes instead of her Uggs and flip flops all the time.

Following excellent surgery and physiotherapy at BOOST PHYSIO she is on her road to recovery.

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