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Cryocuff cold compression therapy

The Cryocuff is a fantastic bit of physiotherapy equipment we’ve invested in at BOOST PHYSIO. Cryocuff is a cold-compression therapy system that is ideal for treating knee, ankle and foot swelling and pain.

We tend to use it most often post-operatively. For example following total knee replacement, ACL reconstruction surgery, key hole surgery to the knee and post-meniscectomy. For ankle injuries we use Cryocuff to bring down swelling after torn ligaments, fractures and surgery (eg following bunion surgery, achilles tendon repair surgery etc).

What exactly is the Cryocuff system? There are various garments used for the different body parts- ie ankle, knee etc. These are applied by your physiotherapist to the affected area and the the garment is filled with iced water! As the garment fills with the iced water it begins to compress the affected area.

You should be familiar with the acronym RICE which is used in physiotherapy treatment and injury management: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Cryocuff treatment forms a crucial part of the ice and compression of the RICE regime.

Boost Physio in Hendon will apply and use this treatment when appropriate.

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