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Spring Cleaning? Avoid injury with our Dos and Don'ts guide to a safe spring clean

Avoid nasty back injuries and pain by following our online dos and don’ts guide.  Safe Spring Cleaning Guide!

“For Spring, BOOST PHYSIO decided to be proactive- so we created an online Dos and Don’ts guide, demonstrating the right way and the wrong way to doing these Spring cleaning chores” says Steven.  The guide features photos and video clips of how to safely: bend down to low cupboards, vacuum, dust and move boxes, pots and pans.

Recently these tips were published to the BT website.

Interesting article where BT quote my views on Spring cleaning injury

Interesting article where BT quote my views on Spring cleaning injury

Jolene Sher, Senior BOOST PHYSIO, adds that “this week I’ve already treated 3 people with injuries from Spring cleaning for Passover”.

Steven says that the vast majority of back, neck and shoulder injuries that come in to the clinic are from people bending badly or trying to lift too much in one go. Occasionally the injuries are serious such as slipped discs, trapped nerves or torn muscles, but usually the strains and sprains are muscular and settle down within a few days or weeks.

“I think that many patients are also more susceptible to injury during the Passover preparations due to the stress involved- this emotional stress causes tension in the muscles and a heightened pain making one more vulnerable to injury” Steven comments.

Steven’s two top tips are:

1) rather lift 2 smaller loads, than 1 large load.

2) Don’t bend down to low cupboards from your waist, rather keep your back straight and stomach muscles tight and squat down from the knees.



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