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Samir Farouk- Chartered Physiotherapist

Samir loves helping his patients recover more quickly and achieve their goals. Samir is based in our Hampstead and Swiss Cottage clinics.

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🥊 Passion for Physio: I discovered my passion for physiotherapy while overcoming a leg length discrepancy from a past injury, even winning a White Collar Boxing Title during my time at university – all of which fuels my commitment to helping patients stay active and healthy throughout their lives!

🥋 Holistic Health Enthusiast: With years of experience in martial arts, fitness, and wellness, I’ve learned the importance of holistic health which directly influences my approach to physiotherapy. 

🎹 Lifelong Learning: I love learning new things, and this year, I’ve set myself the goal of learning the piano! I also plan to re-start learning Mandarin in the future. 

✈️ Avid Explorer: Beyond work, I love to travel and explore different cultures. This helps me understand the world better, appreciating its history, diversity and the people in it.

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