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Why should you sit up straight?

“Sit up!”,  “stand tall”, “don’t slouch” are all sayings we have heard or said ourselves.  But why is it so important?

Why does posture matter?  This video explains quickly and clearly.

Why does posture matter?

Why does posture matter?


Our physiotherapy clinics in Hampstead, Hendon and East Finchley will help you or your family with posture.  Our physiotherapy team deals with hundreds of people each month who have issues with posture and it with our system of treatment we can dramatically help to improve posture.

Our physiotherapists provide physiotherapy treatment across North West London and North London. Our physio team covers these areas in London: NW1; NW2; NW3; NW4; NW6; NW7; N2; N3; N20; N6; N10; HA8; HA7.

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BOOST PHYSIO works with major insurance companies like: BUPA, AVIVA, WPA, CIGNA and Simplyhealth. We usually deal directly with your insurance company.