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Pilates for Skiers

Pilates for Skiers

Have you ever wondered why your knees hurt when you ski? Why your thighs burn at the end of the day? Or why you find it easier to turn to the right?

If the answer is yes…then maybe Pilates for skiers can help!

Skiing is a very popular sport enjoyed by people all over the world. It ranges from recreational to professional with a variety of types including moguls, downhill, off-piste, freestyle in addition to snowboarding.

Regardless of your level of skiing, if the body isn’t conditioned correctly it can be very demanding, putting excess stress on your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, leading to pain and injury.

You may well have heard of Pilates before with regards to back strength and stability. Pilates for skiers is a particular type of Pilates that targets the specific muscles that you use when you ski.

Pilates for skiers is designed to assess the body and prepare it for the demands that skiing places on it. It will focus on:

–         Posture awareness and education (skiing and non-skiing posture)

–         Assessment of muscle imbalance

–         Core stability

–         Balance and coordination

–         Ski specific muscle strength/endurance and flexibility

The programme aims to prevent injury and increase strength and endurance. By doing so, it will improve skiing efficiency, ultimately making your skiing holiday more enjoyable!

The benefits of Pilates for skiers can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your age or skiing level. Whether you simply want to get fit for an approaching ski holiday or address a specific skiing issue – Pilates for Skiers can help!

Book a Pilates for Skiers session with Laura Harman, Senior Physiotherapist at BOOST PHYSIO Hendon, today and begin your skiing training now! Your body will thank you if you do!

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