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This 1 exercise will lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes and lower cholestrol! What exercise is it?

If I told you that by doing 1 simple exercise for a total 150 minutes per week, you would be able to lower your blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes and decrease cholesterol (among many other benefits) would you do it?   Are you nodding your head?

Walking briskly for 30min 5 times a week will improve your health!

The simple exercise is walking!

Walk briskly (ie fast enough to feel your heart beating a bit faster and for you to feel warmer) for at least 10 minutes at a time, total up 150 minutes each week, of moderate exercise activity and you will have done enough to achieve many health benefits.

These health benefits include: controlling blood pressure, controlling diabetes, reducing risk of heart disease, maintaining healthy weight, improving mood and many other benefits.

Brisk walking is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way for people to achieve the target of 150min of moderate activity per week. Other examples of activities that would be counted are swimming, cycling, exercise classes, even time spent gardening that involves raising your heart rate and making you feel warmer qualifies!

If you would like guidance and advice on how to commence or progress your individual exercise programme, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to guide you.


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