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How we help our patients

“They say doctors save lives and physiotherapists make life worth living. That is exactly what one should expect when coming to see a physiotherapist”.

Brenden Magee, Chartered Physiotherapist at our Hampstead branch says.

“As physiotherapists we do a full assessment of your current capabilities, obtain a profile of what you used to be able to do or plans of what you would like to be able to do and then we work together to help improve any deficits that we are able to bring to the forefront. We aim to improve your mobility, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent further injury by using a variety of methods such as strengthening or stretching exercises, manual techniques, education, or other modalities such as shockwave therapy, ultrasound, taping, or dry needling” explains Brenden.

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What types of patient’s do physiotherapists treat? 

Not sure whether physiotherapy is for you? MSK physiotherapists deal with a host of different ailments. We specialise in muscle, joint or bony injuries whether you hurt yourself in sport, a road traffic accident, work related issue, overuse, or general age-related issues that spring up. We also see patients that experience neurological symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness. If we cannot personally help your condition, we will see to it that you are referred to a more appropriate health service that can find the underlying cause of your ailment. 

Role of Physiotherapy in rehabbing injury?

Not sure what to expect when seeking help from a physio to get back to the things you love? The initial assessment will include a subjective history so that we can get a better picture of who you are as a person, what you enjoy doing and how you live day to day, and why your injury has happened in the first place. Then we need to see you move and what your capable of, what reproduces your pain and how it is affecting your movement so that we can narrow down what to focus our rehab on. Once we have a good understanding of where the issues may lie, we can tailor an individualise rehab program towards the deficits that have presented themselves. This will surely include strength and mobility exercises and if we need a little bit of manual therapy, shockwave, or acupuncture to make the exercises easier then we will not hesitate. Subsequent appointments would involve further manual therapy as needed and continual re-assessment of your movements and pain level to help guide the progression of your strength and mobility exercises. 

What is the goal from a physiotherapist’s perspective?

Injuries can be an extremely difficult thing to manage, not only physically but mentally. They can be frustrating and limit you from doing the things you love or even the things you need to do to get through the day. As a physiotherapist, we want to understand you as a person, figure out what is going wrong and limiting you from the things you enjoy. Once we can do that, we want to equip you with the correct tools to not only get you back to full function as fast as possible but to also establish lifelong habits that will bulletproof your body and keep you doing what you love without limitations. 

BOOST PHYSIO is a leading private physiotherapy practice with high street clinics across North West London.  We have 5 branches in the following areas:  .  Branches of our physiotherapy practice are in Elstree WD6, Swiss Cottage NW3, Hampstead NW3, Belsize Park NW3, Hendon NW4 and East Finchley N2. 

Our private physiotherapy clinics treat patients from all over North West London and North London. We provide same day expert private physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries, neck and back pain.  Appointments are available 8am to 9pm and we even have Saturday and Sunday appointments available. Emergency physiotherapy appointments on weekends.  Same Day Physiotherapy Appointments.

Patients come for physiotherapy from the following areas: Hendon NW4, Mill Hill NW7, Cricklewood NW2, Hampstead NW3, Belsize Park NW3,  Kilburn NW6, Queens Park, Finchley Road, Golders Green NW11, Swiss Cottage and Willesden Green NW10.  Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, Highgate N6.

Our physiotherapy clinic in Elstree WD6 provides physiotherapy treatment to patients from Elstree, Borehamwood, Physiotherapy for Stanmore HA7, Physiotherapy for patients from Edgware HA8, Bushey physiotherapy WD23, Radlett WD23, Physio for Aldenham.

If you do have any issues that need attention please book an appointment at one of our 5 High Street Physiotherapy clinics.

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BOOST PHYSIO works with major insurance companies like: BUPA, AVIVA, WPA, CIGNA and Simplyhealth. We usually deal directly with your insurance company.