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Do you want a stronger back? This 1 exercise will help

Want a stronger back? This will strengthen

Do you struggle with back ache? Is your back weak?

Do you have poor posture?  This exercise will help!

Do this exercise daily for a stronger back and better posture.  The following are some of the benefits of simply doing this 1 exercise:

  1. Stronger multifidi- the deep supporting muscles in the back.
  2. Stronger deep core muscle in the abdomen- transverse abdominals.
  3. Improved hip and gluteal muscle control.
  4. Improved balance awareness.
  5. Improved postural tone.

Do this 1 exercise daily.  Begin with 10 repetitions , holding for 5 seconds each. Try not to wobble- imagine balancing a cup of tea on your back!  Once you have done 10 repetitions, take a 60sec break and do them again.  After 1 week progress the exercise by holding each one for 10sec, 10 times.

This exercise is good to do for mechanical back pain, sciatica, disc bulges, disc herniations, trapped nerves and is a safe and effective exercise to do for most people.  Be sure that you can safely and comfortably get down onto the floor on hands and knees, before attempting this exercise.

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