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Weekend Warriors Watch Out!


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Don’t be a Weekend Warrior- make sure your fitness level matches your activity level

The key to injury prevention is always in the preparation! The ‘Weekend
Warrior’ patients that we see, are all guilty of doing too little training
during the week and not being adequately fit for playing their sport.


Don’t forget that training should be specific
to your sports, so if you are playing football,
cycling may be helpful but running and
shuttle sprints would be better. The most
common football injuries that are treated at
BOOST PHYSIO are hamstring, calf and groin
muscle injuries.
Most of our patients who have injured
themselves in sport do not warm-up. Spend 10
minutes warming up. Don’t confuse warmingup
with stretching, these are two different
things. Warming up involves aerobic exercise
to raise the heart rate and body temperature
gradually and should include activities specific
to the sport being performed. For sports like
football and netball starting with jogging and
progressing to a faster run for short shuttles
is important. During the last 2 minutes of
the warm up then do specific stretches to
the high risk areas such as the quadriceps,
hamstrings, groin and calf muscles – this
ensures there is sufficient elasticity in
the muscles.
While the research on stretching is
controversial as to whether it actually
reduces the chances of an injury, you will
not find an elite athlete who does not spend
time stretching.

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