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Icy Winter Injuries - what have we been treating?

Physiotherapy for winter injuries

We’ve been busy dealing with winter related injuries 🙂 People who’ve slipped on the ice and those with winter sports injuries

The icy weather over Christmas and early January led to A+E departments being rushed off their feet with injuries from people and cars slipping on the ice.  Many patients and friends have been asking us what type of injuries have we been treating at BOOST PHYSIO relating to the bad weather… well unfortunately shoulders have born the brunt of these injuries….  here is part of the list:

  • 26 year old man who fell on his shoulder, referred by his GP to see me 4 weeks after slipping and falling on his shoulder (xray was normal).  When I saw him it was immediately apparent that he had a more significant injury than usual, sent him back to GP requesting MRI which has shown an impact fracture to the shoulder and a muscle injury too.
  • A man who fell and dislocated his shoulder (ouch!!)- he is doing well thanks to great treatment by Jolene
  • 2 other men who have fallen onto their shoulders
  • a Snowboarder who has injured his shoulder
  • We have now started having enquiries from patients who broke their ankles or wrists and are coming out of plaster (after 6weeks) so watch this space!

Some of our these experiences have shown how a good musculo-skeletal physio with specialist experience and knowledge will pick up injuries that others will often miss!

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