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Shumila Khanna

Having been told I needed a lumbar discectomy, I thought there was no hope of fixing my back and sciatica in any other way! Then I met Steve & Chris at Boost Physio who have both been amazing and have given me a varied program and exercises to recondition and strengthen my back. This has been helping immensely. When first visiting Chris at the gym I thought I would never be able to do the exercises he suggested without being in pain but with his patience and persistence, I am improving and slowly feel confident to know return back to Personal Training in conjunction with the physio. Chris has been great by speaking to my Personal Trainer about my treatment and discussing the support required to ensure that no further strain is caused. The team at Boost Physio are very caring, listen and provide the best treatment tailored for your needs. As a result I would highly recommend both Steve & Chris and wouldnā€™t want to go anywhere else! Thank you both for all you do! šŸ˜Š

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