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Garrett Peters

I came to see Steven Berkman in June 2019 following a tennis injury to my knee in March. This was my second knee trauma and, like my first, I was convinced that I would need a second bout of surgery. However Steven set me a programme of intense physio with a programme of exercise that was continually adapted to suit my recovery and build under utilsed muscles. Four months later and I am pain free with my knee at a level where I can run, cycle and play tennis again. Steven was very personable and knowledgeable throughout and was able to explain my injury and the recovery process in laymans terms. Steven was very encouraging especially at the times when I felt the process was futile. I am very happy with the service provided and pleased to write that injuries such as mine do not have to have surgery as the default position when another option, that may also work for you, is available. Highly recommended.

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