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A delighted patient: B.B.

I experienced debilitating pain in the TMJ (jaw), and although it is not an uncommon issue, physiotherapists treating TMJ dysfunction are rare to find; at least so in London.
I was fortunate to receive outstanding and effective treatment, carried out by Steven Berkman; owner of Boost Physio. Sessions were customised and things were patiently explained. It was not merely a repetition of the same exercise set! Steven increased the mobility of my jaw, released tension in the surrounding muscles, and reduced clicking/crunching around the joints.
I was encouraged to continue some exercises, and to avoid very hard/chewy foods in order to maintain alleviation of symptoms. I am now able to yawn, sneeze and eat without pain. Also, headaches associated with the TMJ have nearly disappeared.
Having studied business I can say that Boost Physio could rest assured that they tick every box of ”exceptional customer service”: Sessions are conducted with utmost professionalism, clinics are immaculate and calm, and staff are friendly and accommodating with appointments.
I can only HIGHLY recommend this clinic for anyone seeking relief from TMJ symptoms. I thank Steven for his remarkable care, and for helping me through to recovery.
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