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So if UGGs are bad, how are Crocs?

You may have read about my view that UGG type boots can be bad for your feet and knees, well someone asked me today- what about Crocs?

How good are Crocs for you

How good are Crocs for you?

While they score low on style, Crocs actually score very high on being anatomically moulded with correct support being provided for the foot and hence ankle.  Not only this, but the very material that Crocs are made of are excellent for shock absorption and minimizing stresses and strains to the feet and ankles.

The whole issue about shoes is that they should help to support the structure and mechanics of the foot and of course be comfortable and reduce shock being transmitted through the foot.  Crocs do this well, UGGs do this poorly.

Looking at the inside of a Croc it is easy to see that it has has a contoured surface with arch support and a good heel cup that nestles your heel bone.  This heel cup and arch support help to maintain the mechanical alignment of the foot, ankle and knee.  In particular they minimise pronation, which is the movement that occurs in the foot when the foot rolls from the outside of the heel to the front of the big toe,  pronation can stress the ankle and knee joints and muscles.

UGGs are they bad for you?

Could UGG type boots be bad for you?

UGG type boots however support the foot very poorly, they do not provide enough support to the heel bone (calcaneus) and the sole of the shoe does not have sufficient arch support.  For someone who is flat footed these shoes (along with shoes like ballet pumps) can be a big problem as they stress the sole of the foot, can lead to ankle and even knee pain. In children whose feet are still developing and growing particular care must be taken.

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